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Leverage novel population data to analyze and compare populations around the world

Fraym data illuminates spatial patterns in human diversity.
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Target Beneficiary Profile

Select indicators to make a target beneficiary profile that can be mapped and analyzed in priority locations.

COVID Vaccine Hesitancy

Unemployed Youth

Off-grid Power Buyer

Vulnerability Profiles

Build a profile based on indicators pre-determined to be associated with different types of vulnerabilities.

vulnerability to Disinformation

Vulnerability to Extremist Violence

Vulnerability to food insecurity

Market Segmentation Profiles

Select indicators that make up your target audience, then locate and analyze them in markets of interest.




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Inequity & Gender


Optimize Messaging Campaigns

Fraym partners with Facebook’s Project 17: Layering sex-disaggregated datasets expose gender inequalities

In order to successfully measure the SDGs, we must take into account gender disparities by both generating more data and applying advanced analytical techniques to better understand them.

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Fraym Partners with SEforAll to Support Energy Access in Nigeria

Fraym worked with SEforALL to create an Integrated Energy Planning tool with enriched data for Nigeria to deliver actionable market intelligence for the Nigerian government and energy sector stakeholders.

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Social Behavior Change Program Using Radio in Zambia

To aid the Government of Zambia in its efforts to improve access to and demand for sexual and reproductive health services, Development Media International (DMI) refined a Social and Behaviour Change Communication strategy using data produced by GRID3 in collaboration with Fraym.

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