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Advancing equitable and affordable access to clean energy by 2030

Fraym data delivers detailed insights for the energy sector in emerging and rural markets.

Minigrid sites across Africa



Identified and screened for readiness to be developed and electrified

Households connected



To clean energy solutions from SHS, minigrids and clean cooking solutions

Increase in SHS sales



For companies using Fraym data to inform strategic and operational decisions

Community-level assessments show energy access and demand for different energy products

Electrification Assessments

Unlock investments and grow off-grid energy solutions across regions, countries, or community-level.

Electricity access

Regional Electricity Access

HH Level Energy Demand

Minigrid Site Selection

Identify viable sites for mini-grids using household-level and commercial demand profiles with ability-to-pay.

Household Electricity Demand

Sizing Minigrid Sites

Renewable Energy Markets

Custom analyses identify target communities, market size, and best route to market.

Urban Early-Adopters, Clean Cooking

Consumer Segment Distribution

Make Decisions With Confidence

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