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Uncover real health needs, from neighborhoods to countries

Now you can target health policies, prioritize resources, profile beneficiaries, analyze attitudes, and measure impact to improve health outcomes.
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Hyper-local data highlights the power of subnational policy planning to address neighborhood-level health inequities

Global Public Health Strategy

Map investments into global health security compared to the spread and impact of communicable diseases over time.

Public Health Aid Flows

Subnational Resource Allocation

Community Level Change

National Health Programming

Build more resilient health systems, more equitable health policies, and more impactful communication campaigns.

Vaccine Allocation & Rollout

Social Behavior Change (SBC)

Countering Vaccine Hesitancy

Community Health Programming

Improve neighborhood-level health access, demand, and behaviors based on needs, supply, attitudes, and perceptions.

Assess Health Facility Demand

Health Worker Vulnerability

Beneficiary Segmentation

Analyze and profile the unique health barriers and drivers for subgroups within neighborhoods and across states.

Market Segmentation

High Risk AGYW

Zero Dose Children

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“We enjoyed working with Fraym to increase the impact our respective products could have to help leaders make key resource allocation decisions during a critical phase in the pandemic.”

Michelle Li
Senior Technical Advisor, Measurement and Learning
The Palladium Group

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