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People’s preferences for brands, media, and policies change. Make better decisions by understanding how attitudes in specific places evolve.
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Monitor how people’s beliefs and attitudes across a country change over time with local precision


Track favorability towards countries, leaders, government performance, specific public programs and more.

Belief in US Economic Power

Skepticism of COVID-19 Vaccine

Government Handling of Corruption

Trust in Media

Measure trust in specific outlets with trust/distrust indicators for 50+ media outlets in every market.

Trust in Facebook

Trust in TV

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Inequity & Gender

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Global Health

Fraym partners with Meta’s Project 17: Layering sex-disaggregated datasets expose gender inequalities

In order to successfully measure the SDGs, we must take into account gender disparities by both generating more data and applying advanced analytical techniques to better understand them.

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Understanding TB Risk in Pastoralist Communities in Ethiopia

Fraym technology mapped communities across Ethiopia to better understand who is most at-risk to TB, their access to health services, and the most effective communication channels to reach them.

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Mapping Populations for Vaccine Equity

In partnership with Palladium, Fraym designed an equitable vaccine allocation model for Guatemala that takes into account multiple priorities and dimensions of need.

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