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Know what media your audience consumes and what messages will resonate with them

Communication planning just got a lot easier. Fraym data let’s you see which channels are most popular where, even in remote locations.
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Know your target audience’s media consumption behavior and preferences

Media Engagement Data

Understand how specific groups of people use digital and traditional mediums.

Whatsapp Users

Radio Usage

Twitter Users

Trusted Sources Data

View which media sources are most trusted by location, and compare differences between communities, regions, and countries.

Trust in YouTube

Trust in Facebook

Language Data

In diverse areas and cities, see what language your content should be in for maximum impact.

Target Audience Profiles

Overlay data for your target audience with media data to select channels with the highest ROI.

COVID-19 Vaccine Convenience

Low Vaccine Convenience

Channel Selections

Solutions Our Customers Count On…

Optimize Messaging Campaigns

Global Health

Inequality & Gender

Social Behavior Change Program Using Radio in Zambia

To aid the Government of Zambia in its efforts to improve access to and demand for sexual and reproductive health services, Development Media International (DMI) refined a Social and Behaviour Change Communication strategy using data produced by GRID3 in collaboration with Fraym.

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Three Ways Geospatial Data Can Help Pakistan During COVID-19

The World Bank collaborated with Fraym on a mapping exercise in Pakistan to identify potential COVID-19 hotspots and facilitate local responses.

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Fighting for a Future Free of Child Marriage – How Hyper-Local Data Can Help Drive Results

There is a widespread appreciation that child marriage looks different from one community to another, but there is highly limited data that consistently describe those localized differences.

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