Fraym Partners with SEforAll to Support Energy Access in Nigeria

 In 2021, Fraym worked with SEforALL under its Universal Integrated Energy Planning programme to develop a best-in-class IEP tool with enriched data for Nigeria to deliver actionable market intelligence for the Nigerian government and energy sector stakeholders.

About the Project

As the world collectively recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for access to affordable, reliable, and clean power has never been more urgent for rural and remote communities. Geospatial data modeling provides a low-cost, dynamic, and data-driven means of energy prioritization and micro-level planning required for last-mile access. The increasing use of geospatial least-cost modeling highlights some key challenges: data gaps and data quality. Important datasets such as energy demand, willingness, and ability to pay, the location and energy needs of public institutions and productive uses remain often unreliable, outdated or incomplete in how representative they are.

To address gaps in the energy planning, Fraym now augments its wealth of publicly available data with targeted, rapid data collection to offer unique localized population data to enable comprehensive understanding of the current state of demand-side considerations like ability and willingness to pay, productive uses, electricity growth and demand. These datasets provide key insights for pathways and opportunities for least cost electrification options from grid, mini-grids, solar home systems (SHS) to LPG, electric cooking, biogas, etc., as necessary.

Collaborating to Model and Locate Vulnerable Populations

These access and need indicators bring together standard measures of energy demand and ability to pay to deliver a highly actionable, methodologically sound, and replicable approach that can be used by governments and other stakeholders for integrated energy planning in any country.

Map of Least Cost Technology in Nigeria

The platform was developed using Fraym’s advanced technology and research, and brings together several layers of data to help Nigerian policy makers and practitioners make more informed decisions about their strategies and operations to advance energy access in the country.

Energy Purchasing Profile

Select key inputs for integrated energy planning.

Fraym has capability for annual or semiannual updates to all these datasets to support impact, monitoring, and evaluation efforts to track progress over time.

In partnership with SEforALL, under its Universal Integrated Energy Planning programme, Fraym developed the Nigeria Integrated Energy Planning tool.



square kilometers mapped



unelectrified settlements



needed for Universal Access by 2030

Fraym can replicate similar analysis for any country to illustrate supply-side solutions, including the grid, mini-grids, solar home systems (SHS), LPG, electric cooking, biogas, along with a variety of demand-side factors, such as affordability, to identify pathways and opportunities for expanding energy access.

Driven by our work with partners like the Shell Foundation, SEforALL, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, World Bank, African Development Bank, UNDP, and other global institutions, we produce and deliver critical custom datasets for key policy and advocacy issues.

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