Jul 11, 2023

Announcing Fraym’s New Program: Data & Measurement Engine for Adolescent Social Norms

WASHINGTON, JULY 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Fraym is pleased to announce a new three-year, $9.1 million program that will be the data engine for measuring and understanding adolescent social norms in 3 countries. This effort that will produce hyperlocal data on the adolescent experience to inform programs, policy, and investment was made possible through an initial grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Ben Leo, Chief Executive Officer at Fraym, said, “We are proud to deliver timely and frequent spatial insights into the adolescent experience in these important countries. We are also excited about using our machine learning software to shine a light on the differences that girls and young women experience depending on where they live.”

Pairing our cutting-edge data with subject matter experts will yield a data engine that will deliver timely, highly actionable, and spatially enabled adolescent and young adult norms data in 3 countries to answer questions like where girls are facing pressure to marry early, what is informing and influencing that pressure, and what is the best way to deliver transformative messages about delaying marriage by neighborhood. This targeted data will transform the way that governments, implementers, donors, and researchers create programs and make investments that will contribute to a more equitable and economically inclusive world for women and girls.  

Fraym will achieve this goal by:

  • Developing and validating a framework for measuring adolescent social norms and outcomes in the target countries;
  • Creating a relevant, spatially precise dataset measuring community and constituency-specific norms and outcomes on a quarterly basis; and
  • Making this data available to the gender community so they can investigate service and programming gaps for target population subgroups.

Throughout the first year of this effort, Fraym will lay the foundation for the program’s success by:

  • Developing a research-backed framework for measuring adolescent social norms in 3 countries;
  • Consulting with on-the-ground partners to determine the most actionable data components and use cases for this novel dataset;
  • Producing high-frequency, spatially enabled measures of adolescent social norms and outcomes for testing and consultation; and
  • Building the framework for updating and refining these measures throughout the remainder of the program.

About Fraym

Fraym data lets partners and customers zoom-in on any community in the world and know the people’s attributes, attitudes, and preferences. The company’s FUSEfraym™ software automates intensive machine learning processes to turn ordinary household surveys into census-like spatial data across entire countries. With Fraym data, partners and customers select indicators relevant to their area of interest, create custom profiles, and analyze their target audience anywhere in the world.

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