Why We Need a Data Engine for Gender Equality

Fraym Takes on Closing the Gender Equality Gap

Every day, we are programmed to believe that girls are less valuable, are less productive, and should not control their own bodies. These beliefs systemically condemn girls and young women to lower educational, health, and economic outcomes than their male peers. By all measures, this gender gap is widening and at the current rate, it will take 135 years to close it globally. This is unacceptable and preventable.

Successful equality campaigns, such as same – sex marriage in the US, show that the fight must be waged both in neighborhoods and on the airwaves to create an undeniable groundswell of support. This type of transformation is only possible when those with an ear to the g round have the data in hand to make high impact messaging and advocacy decisions at the right time.

Fraym is the data engine that will accelerate our current glacial revolution. We map which norms, beliefs and behaviors are blocking equality as well as the drivers for changing them. Where are girls and young women blocked by firmly held beliefs that they are worth less? Who are the most influential voices to those holding those beliefs? Which media channels reach the right eyes and ears to move the needle? Fraym is the machine learning powered data engine that scientifically targets where change agents will have the maximum effect and ensure that girls and young women across the globe fast forward to the equitable future they deserve.

Over the next three years, Fraym’s Data Engine will produce highly actionable data mapping the norms to outcomes pathways across six thematic areas: (1) child, early, and forced marriage (CEFM); (2) sexual and reproductive health (SRH); (3) family planning; (4) gender – based violence (GBV); (5) physical safety; and (6) women’s economic empowerment (WEE). For more on our methods and intended outputs, check out our next post.

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