Increase your geospatial capabilities with human-centric data.



Fraym's human-centric data layers provide valuable context about populations in regions where data has been traditionally hard to access. From socioeconomics, to healthcare and electricity access, this data can precisely describe people down to the neighborhood level. On their own, or as inputs for models and predictive analytics, Fraym's layers offer powerful insights.



We maintain hundreds on data layers in categories including:

  • Demographics and Population Measures
  • Economy
  • Ethno-Linguistic Dimensions
  • Land use and ownership rights
  • Water access and supply
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Health and Medical
  • Communication

High-Resolution Content

  • Geographic coverage across 60 countries and over 60 data layers per country
  • Time series coverage, with data back to the 1990s in most countries
  • Readily updatable layers as new source information becomes available
  • Technical and human quality assurance and quality control processes
  • Rapid production process driven by machine learning, automation, and proprietary algorithms
  • Product agnostic delivery mechanisms (APIs, front-end tools, & analytic services)
Map showing the customized vulnerability index level in Ethiopia
Map showing Electricity access rates across Kenya
Map showing the usage of the Bambara language in Mali at the 1 by 1 square kilometer level
Map showing Television viewership rates across Nigeria
Map showing secondary education enrollment and completion rates in Nigeria at the 1 by 1 square kilometer level