Nov 19, 2021

Fraym Joins With Unlock Aid to Remove Barriers for International Development

WASHINGTON, Nov. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ Geospatial data and analytics company Fraym announces it is a founding member of the Unlock Aid Coalition, a group of the world’s most innovative organizations that work in international development, fighting for changes to make aid agencies far more innovative and results-oriented.

This coalition of high-impact and transformative technology firms brings together the ideas that USAID and international development as a whole strives for: innovation at scale, private sector engagement, and resilient solutions to development challenges. Fraym is proud to be amongst the founding members of the group.

Fraym has partnered with over 40 global development organizations to tackle the most pressing issues across a number of sectors including: global health, agriculture and food security, climate adaptation, energy, water and sanitation, and transportation.

Fraym hopes this coalition will create new opportunities for innovative small businesses, local organizations, and technology companies to deliver high-impact, scalable, cost-effective, and accountable solutions to urgent global issues like the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impact on the most vulnerable globally.

About Fraym

Fraym is the preeminent global provider of geospatial data for understanding population dynamics. Governments and organizations around the world rely on Fraym data to make strategic and operational decisions while tackling challenges like inequity and insecurity, climate vulnerability, public health, and more. The company’s advanced AI/ML models are the first to generate high-resolution insights about human characteristics, behaviors, and attitudes at the sub-neighborhood level and make them commercially available at scale.

Media Contact

Rachael Mandell
Director of Marketing & Communications at Fraym
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