What’s so special about Kenya’s Generation BUMP?

The young African consumer class is a highly prized demographic. Yet finding them can be tricky. Fraym recently used geospatial data to identify and locate Nigerians who are 18-34 years old, educated, and have money to spend. We found 29 million of them and dubbed this valuable demographic slice, Generation BUMP.

What about Kenya?  The Kenyan economy is growing rapidly, while its capital Nairobi is a stand-out performer on the Fraym Urban Markets Index, ranking 10th on the continent for metropolitan economic activity, consumer power, and trade and travel connections. Using neighborhood-level data across the country, Fraym identified Kenya’s Generation BUMP.


Kenya’s Generation BUMP is estimated at roughly 4.5 million strong, with just over 1 million living in Nairobi. But more than just sizable, this group is:

  • Banked. More than twice as likely to have a bank account (83 vs. 39 percent)
  • Urban. Three times as likely to live in an urban setting (65 vs. 22 percent)
  • Mobile. Phone ownership is nearly universal among Kenyan BUMPers at 98 percent (vs. 83 percent for non-BUMPers).
  • Plugged-in. Media consumption is starkly higher. They are more than twice as likely to regularly watch television (76 vs. 34 percent) or read newspapers (45 vs 18 percent).

Watch this space for more geospatial demographic and consumer analysis in other markets.

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