Where are Nigeria’s most dynamic consumers? Introducing Generation BUMP

Kupanda Capital wanted to sharpen its approach to building media and creative companies in Nigeria, Africa’s largest consumer market. They needed to understand which demographic segments were driving these sectors and where they were concentrated. Kupanda partnered with Fraym to use our proprietary geospatial platform to identify young, educated consumers with spending power.

What we found is a special group of Nigerians who are highly Banked, Urban, Mobile, and Plugged-in. We found Generation BUMP.


Kupanda is now using Fraym data at the neighborhood level to pinpoint where these 29 million valuable consumers reside across Nigeria. Watch this space for more analysis from Fraym locating this dynamic demographic in other African markets.

Technical note:

To answer this question, Fraym harmonized and enhanced data from a variety of large representative household surveys and other data sources (including UN population, USGS Landscan, and the GeoData Institute) and then applied layers of analytical and econometric methods (including survey-to-survey imputation, small area estimation, and geospatial interpolation).

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