Introducing Fraym!

Ben Leo, CEO

Like most innovations, Fraym was born out of frustration: too many important decisions on the African continent are made with inadequate localized data. Unless expensive primary data is collected, analysis is too often limited to anecdotes, aggregate statistics, and gut instincts. However, extremely high quality and valuable subnational data exists, if you know where to find it. We saw an opportunity to bring together these datasets in a harmonized geospatial framework to dramatically improve decision-making in Africa. The result was Copernicus—which is now Fraym.

Fraym offers the best available source of data on African consumers ever built. Our proprietary database weaves together the latest satellite imagery with more than 50 billion data points from hundreds of surveys. So far, our growing platform comprises over 2,000 indicators spanning 50 countries and nearly 200 of Africa’s fastest growing cities. And this data is not limited to traditional borders—we produce data for customizable geographies, like an urban neighborhood or a road corridor. With Fraym, investors, companies and organizations can quickly access accurate local data and insights to accelerate their work in Africa.

Fraym has already been used to:

  • Identify the addressable market for new retail stores
  • Profile and locate target customers for consumer goods products
  • Conduct due-diligence for private equity investments
  • Pinpoint promising community locations for electricity microgrids
  • Assess the effects of development projects
  • Inform ministerial-level discussions on infrastructure development strategies and plans
  • Identify target communities for social development interventions

Fraym Example: Identifying Target Consumer Goods Customers in Tanzania


And the use cases continue to expand. Simply put, we use our unprecedented data source to ‘frame’ business and policy decisions in Africa to help our clients achieve maximum results.

Moving forward, we will use this blog to share powerful insights and lessons from Fraym data analytics as we continue to work and learn. Stay tuned for some very interesting findings on Africa’s leading city markets in just a few days. And don’t hesitate to let us know how Fraym can answer your most pressing questions.

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