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Zoom in to see gender gaps one community at a time

Unmask where progress on gender equity is and isn’t happening with neighborhood-level data.
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Make statistics actionable with localized sex-disaggregated data on a global scale

Subnational Burden Measures

Understand prevalence and burden issues with unprecedented granularity.

Child Marriage Burden

Contraceptive Use

Build Participant Profiles

Identify the opportunities and constraints to effective programming based on people’s location.

Cash Transfer Eligibility


Graduation program CANDIDATES

Visualize impact

See where there is persistent unmet need, assess potential impact, and measure effects of programming.

Impact of Policies in India

Loss of Income in South Africa

What our Gender Focused Customers are Saying

“Meta’s publicly available gender datasets are only meaningful when they are used to expose and address unseen gender gaps. By layering these insights with other data sources, Fraym has helped to reveal how this gender data can advance equality across the SDGs.”

Samhir Vasdev
Project Manager, Social Impact Partnerships

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