Powered by the best collection of consumer, economic, and social indicators in Africa, Fraym is revolutionizing decision-making across the continent.

Like most innovations, Fraym was born out of frustration. Too many important decisions on the African continent are made with inadequate localized data. And analysis is too often limited to anecdotes, aggregate statistics and gut instincts. Our founders saw an opportunity to bring together existing data into a powerful geospatial framework to inform locally-relevant decisions. The result was Fraym.

Fraym addresses the previously-unanswerable questions that have hindered business in Africa.

Our proprietary platform produces over 2,000 unique indicators across nearly 200 African cities to provide customers with unparalleled insight into some of the world’s fastest-growing markets.

Fraym was built by a world-class team of data scientists, econometricians, and policy analysts. We help our clients make decisions that accelerate growth and increase impact.


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