Fraym revolutionizes decision-making by weaving together billions of data points from satellite imagery and hundreds of surveys.


We capture granular data from the best surveys and satellite imagery from every country in Africa.


Each dataset meets demanding standards of quality, reliability, and comparability, and is then painstakingly integrated into the Fraym database.


The result is over 2,000 unique indicators that paint a complete picture of the economic, consumer, and social dimensions of any area in Africa.

The Fraym database features:

Over 2,000 harmonized indicators spanning income, consumer spending, healthcare, education, household assets, ICT, media, retail, and more.

Comparable data across 50+ countries, 570 states/provinces, and nearly 200 of the largest cities, with information for the actual urban footprint (not just administrative borders).

Allows us to produce data for areas beyond traditional borders--like a transport corridor, an urban neighborhood, or a remote rural region.


And we produce insights in a fraction of the time required for new data collection. There is no comparable source of sub-national data for African markets.

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