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Fraym uses advanced machine learning models to produce high-resolution (1km2), population data for hard to reach geographies. Backed by peer reviewed scientific research, our methodologies deliver granular information on the economic, behavioral, and demographic characteristics of communities—even in remote areas. With data for over 100 countries, we help governments and organizations tackle some of the world's most pressing challenges.

"Fraym's post L4G program analysis demonstrates a clear and great ability to provide unique insights that should have had a positive effect on program management and implementation. Their Geographic representation of the most effective sites should be used to direct field staff to priority locations."

Thomas Herlehy

Ph.D., Senior Program Manager, DT Global


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Our data scientists create customized models to illustrate how human factors influence significant events. Fraym's data layers are powerful inputs for predictive analytics that improve situational awareness, resource allocation, operational planning, and more. Here, we used over 60 population indicators to anticipate which regions are most at risk for instability and violence.


Fraym explored the intersection between poverty and access to basic health services, including vaccines in 30+ countries, resulting in a data-driven positioning for the fifth Gavi fund replenishment.


Fraym supported DT Global in the close out of the USAID Feed the Future Livestock for Growth (L4G) activity in Mali by analyzing livestock owning households within the zones of influence over a five-year period, specifically providing insights on how conflict affected project implementation.



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