Off-Grid Power



Expanding Solar Home System Sales in Kenya

A solar home system provider sought to strategically expand in Kenya. They asked Fraym to define the ideal off-grid product
consumer and to pinpoint optimal locations for sales and expansion.

How did we accomplish this?


Quantify the need for off-grid products

Fraym calculated that households who spend at least $200/month were ideal consumers for the client’s product. We then put together
data on household spending and demand for power to determine the total “size of the prize” for the product in Kenya and for priority communities and rural areas.


Construct tailored target consumer profile

Fraym brought together rich consumer and demographic data layers to characterize the ideal customer for the client’s unique product.

Layer 1: Household Spending

We prioritize areas with households spending over $200/month in each county.

Layer 2: Mobile Coverage

We overlay mobile network coverage to highlight areas with adequate connectivity.

Layer 3: Electricity Access

We prioritize areas that are either:

sufficiently distant from the grid
have an electrification rate below 50%

Layer 4: Other Profile Attributes

We add other customized demographic indicators to highlight key areas, including:

  • Agricultural employment
  • Crops produced
  • Population density

  • Solar panel ownership
  • Energy sources
  • Household assets


Locate the best areas to send sales and distribution teams

Finally, with a precise customer definition in place, we mapped concentrations of these target consumers across the country, with precision down to a few square kilometers.

County Demographics
Population 842,000
Mobile coverage 77%
Over 10km from current grid 97%
Over 10km from planned grid 76%
Electrification 34%
Agricultural employment 40%
Solar panel ownership 9%
Target Consumers
Number of households 32,000
Proportion of county population 15%

We determined which communities have the highest prospective customer densities. Then we compared the characteristics of each promising community, illustrating which are the best locations to send sales teams, set up distribution centers, or open retail locations.

Area Demographics
Target households 3,000
Population 14,000
Proportion over $200/month 82%
Electrification 14%
Agricultural employment 34%
Solar panel ownership 8%


The final product is a detailed, prioritized ‘hit list’ of the best communities to target for sales and expansion.

In addition, we produced precise guidance on the size of the market for each region, county, city, and priority rural area.