Finding and Targeting Vulnerable Communities Across Africa

Our client sought to identify thousands of the poorest and most vulnerable communities in Africa to infrom a major new initiative.

Fraym was asked to implement a robust, data-driven approach to identify these target communities in over 20 fragile states.

How did we accomplish this?


To identify the most vulnerable communities, we built a custom poverty index using the Fraym data platform

Fraym brought together precise data on livelihoods, health, employment, education, and other key determinants to construct a tailored vulnerability and poverty index.


We used this index to highlight and describe the most vulnerable communities in each country

Fraym constructed a custom tool that allows the client to identify, rank, and prioritize vulnerable communities. The tool also provides detailed information about the population characteristics of each target community.


So far, the tool has been used to identify communities and mobilize resources across Africa

Fraym combines rich survey data, satellite imagery, and advanced geospatial modelling to accelerate project planning and execution across Africa.

We do this at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional research services.