Until now, data-driven leaders in Africa have had two options: settle for high-level aggregate information, or pay for expensive new data collection. This means that too many consequential decisions have been made with too little relevant data.

Fraym offers a better way to do business in Africa. Our proprietary database is the leading source of hyper-local data and insights for the entire continent. And we respond to most data and analysis requests within just a few days.

Here's what Fraym can do for you:

Total Addressable Market

Leveraging data on income, consumer spending, demographics, and more, Fraym can calculate and forecast relevant market size for any geographic area on the continent.


Site Selection


Fraym finds concentrations of target consumers for your product or service, identifying white space and assessing promising locations for construction or expansion.

Customer Identification

Fraym compares demographic and consumer data across hundreds of cities to profile and target potential customers--or to identify and prioritize recipients for a project or public service.


Planning & Evaluation


Drawing on hundreds of historical variables, Fraym helps partners plan effective projects and assess population changes over time.

Situational Intelligence

Get rapid insight from the Fraym database to meet any other information need, whenever you need it.


There are two ways to access Fraym:


Subscribe to the Data Concierge

Our data scientists deliver on-demand Fraym data and custom analysis to answer your most pressing questions. Learn more about subscriptions.


Request Custom Analysis

We produce a one-time Fraym analysis for a specific project, question, or decision. Learn more about custom analyses.

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Our customers are investors, fast-growing companies, development agencies, governments, and financial institutions. See Fraym in action: